New Rules which will be implemented in 2020

The motive behind this rule is to try to reduce cynical play by implementing a penalty that encourages behavioural change.
A 10 minute sin bin has been brought in for black card offences.
The time starts when the game is restarted by the referee. The 10 minute shall traverse normal time (which includes additional time and extra time, if played).
A player can only return after the allocated 10 minute spell when granted permission by the referee.

Kick is to be taken from the 20 metre line and cannot be kicked back. All players must be outside the 20 metre line, outside the semi circle and 13 metres from the ball until it is kicked.
The ball must travel at least 13 metres and outside the 20 metre line.
It should be noted if a goalkeeper is not taking the kick out, he shall stay within the small rectangle and every other player should be outside the 20 metre line.

The rationale behind this rule change is to encourage teams to kick the ball further up the field from the kick out and to provide opportunities for the skill of clean catching by bolstering the existing mark rule.
A mark will be rewarded for a clean catch from a kick out on or past the 45 metre line.
A mark is called by putting hand up in the air and a player has 15 seconds to take the kick.
The mark will be awarded by the referee.

This rule was brought in to offer an incentive for the longer kicking of the ball into the opposition's defensive area and to reward players who catch the ball cleanly with a mark.
The ball must be kicked from, on or outside the 45 metre line and must travel 20 metres.
A mark is called by putting hand up in the air and a player has 15 seconds to take the kick.
Inside the large rectangle a mark can be awarded and claimed, but the player must go back to the 13 metre line to take the kick, but if he decides to play on, he can be tackled immediately.


Noel O'Connell Benefit

A GoFundMe page has been setup for Noel.  Please click here to donate.  Thank you.

2019 Football Leagues
Brooklyn Shamrocks the Intermediate Football winner.
Kerry Junior "A" Football winner.
St. Barnabas Junior "B" football league winner.
Sligo Senior Football winner.

2019 Championships
St. Barnabas the U-12 winner.
Rangers the U-18 winner.
Rockland the U-16 winner.
U-21 winners
Hoboken the senior hurling winner.
Westmeath the junior hurling winner.
Cavan Ladies senior (Sean Faherty) winner.
Rockland ladies junior (P. Connaughton) winner.
Libert Gaels the camogie winner.

Sligo the Senior football winner.
Rangers the Intermediate football winner.
St. Barnabas the Junior "A" football winner.
St. Barnabas the Junior "B" football winner.

2020 Officers
Chairperson: Joan Henchy
Vice chair.: Thomas Fahey
Secretary: Liam Bermingham
Asst. secretary: Toby Kavanaugh
Treasurer: Clare McCartney
Asst. treasurer: John Phelan
Development officer: Denis Twomey
Coaching officer: John McGeeney
Youth officer: Seamus McNabb
PRO: Thomas Brett

The History of the GAA in New York
The History of the GAA in New York is available for purchase at the following locations:
Riverdale Steakhouse
Ned Devine's

For info about other locations go to:

Photos from August 26th and other games.

Official wesite of the New York GAA